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Dr. Carla Barry

Founder/Director of Operations


Dr. Carla Barry is a Certified Relationship Coach, Accredited Event Designer, and Relationship Expert based in Chesapeake, VA. She is a distinguished veteran of 27 years retiring at the rank of Commander. She served her country proudly in the United States Navy, as a Chaplain.  Her spiritual approach brings clarity, direction, and positive results for her clients. Dr. Carla helps clients live their best life, by identifying self-defeating patterns that hinder relationship growth, and by filling in the gap between where they are now to where they want to be. 

Are you going through a stage in your life where you feel confused, unloved, misunderstood, and it seems like no one understands? Do you feel like you're disconnected with the people around you, or yourself? Do you yearn for a romantic partner or the perfect relationship?

Dr. Carla is trained in helping people find themselves, and find clarity, she has helped thousands of clients reach their milestones one at a time and create the life they want to be living."

"The Most Important Relationships You Will Ever Have Is The One With Yourself."

H.O.P.E Workshop

A HOPE workshop is a unique and empowering experience that encourages individuals to explore their creativity and develop their skills.


Through a series of interactive activities, participants will be able to explore their individual strengths and potential, gain insight into their passions and interests, and develop strategies to move forward in their personal and professional lives.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from each other, and develop meaningful relationships. The workshop will also provide a safe space to discuss and share experiences, explore new ideas, and build confidence.


Participants will leave with a greater understanding of themselves and their potential, as well as the tools and resources to help them achieve their goals.

Image by Dane Deaner

"Join us at Embracing Hope Relationship Coaching, where together, we can create a world filled with hope, love, and meaningful connections."

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